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YouTube Videos on Climate Change

Six Degrees to Catastropic Climate Change -- From National Geographic

Other National Geographic podcasts and videos

Pine Beetle


Climate Denial Crock of the Week

  1. What We Know about Climate Change
  2. It's Cold. , there can't be Global Warming
  3. Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack Part 1
  4. Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack Part 2
  5. That 1500 Year Thing
  6. The "Temp Leads CO2" Crock
  7. Solar Schmolar
  8. The Video Climate Deniers Tried To Ban
  9. "The Medieval Warming" Crock
  10. Don't Make My Green World Brown
  11. "In the 70s They Said there'd be an Ice Age
  12. Ice Area vs Volume
  13. The "Urban Heat Island" Crock
  14. Denial was a River in Africa
  15. Mars Attacks!!!
  16. Watts Up With Watts?
  17. Water Vapor and Climate
  18. Party Like It's 1998
  19. CO2?  Don't Hold Your Breath
  20. The Big Swindle Movie
  21. Birth of a Climate Crock
  22. Climate Change and Sea Level Rise