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Other Websites devoted to Global Change

Christian Science Monitor Global Warming Site.  Climate scientists studying global warming now predict that it's highly likely the world is undergoing significant, human-induced climate changes.  This special Monitor website tracks efforts by scientists, governments, and ordinary citizens to engage in global warming prevention, to find solutions, and to take action. Global Warming Center where you will find links to the latest research, commentary by experts with various points of view on all aspects of climate change, and a forum to share your own thoughts and ask questions. is a commentary site on climate change science and policymaking by those working on climate change ethics. The site is intended for policymakers, interested public, and journalists. We aim to provide a quick response in the form of ethical comments on issues in contention in climate change policy formation around the world and provide insights on aspects of climate change science that raise ethical issues and thus are in need of attention by policymakers. Working with scientists and economists when appropriate, we intend to follow developing climate change policy issues and stories and provide ethical comments about these issues, as well as commenting on the ethical dimensions of emerging scientific understanding of climate change.

Daily Planet Media  is a global network of editors, journalists and researchers collectively involved with the editing, writing and production of text, audio and video material primarily related to the core issues of global warming, climate change and the sustainability of planet Earth.  A website by Chevron.  "Oil, energy, the environment.  It is the story of our time and leaves no one untouched.  Every day the demand for energy becomes greater, and every day it becomes harder to find.  Where will it come from?  We invite you to join the discussion to help find newer, cleaner, more abundant ways to power the world."

R-Squared Energy Blog by Robert Rapier, Arnhem, Netherlands.  The mission of R-Squared is to discuss critical issues for modern society: Energy and the Environment. My career has been devoted to energy issues. (See my CV for specifics). I have worked on cellulosic ethanol, butanol production, oil refining, natural gas production, and gas-to-liquids (GTL). I grew up in Oklahoma, and received my Master's in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University. I am currently employed as the Engineering Director for Accsys Technologies.  View my complete profile

The Oil Drum's mission is to facilitate civil, evidence-based discussions about energy and its impact on our future.   We near the point where new oil production cannot keep up with increased energy demand and the depletion of older oil fields, resulting in a decline of total world oil production. Because we are increasingly dependent upon petroleum, declining production has the potential to disrupt our lives through much higher prices and fuel shortages. The extent of the impact of this supply shortfall will depend on its timing, the magnitude of production decline rates, the feasibility of petroleum alternatives, and our ability to curtail energy consumption.

Center for Global Development (CGD) is an independent, not-for-profit think tank that works to reduce global poverty and inequality by encouraging policy change in the U.S. and other rich countries through rigorous research and active engagement with the policy community.

Nanosolar is a global leader in solar power innovation. We are setting the standard for affordable green power with solar cell technology of distinctly superior cost efficiency, versatility, and availability.  Our mission is very simple: Delivering cost-efficient solar electricity.  Leveraging recent science in nanostructured materials, we have developed a critical mass of engineering advances that profoundly change the cost efficiency and production scalability of solar electricity cells and panels.  Our first product, the Nanosolar Utility Panel™ enables unprecedented system economics at utility scale.  Founded in 2002, we are building the world's largest solar cell factory in California and the world's largest panel-assembly factory in Germany.  Read about Nanosolar's 1 Gigawatt solar production tool here.

The Centrist Party - Broadening the scope of choice for America.  The United States of America was born out of a desire for freedom and the willingness to strive to achieve it. Its peoples come from many nations, cultures and perspectives. Americans share one thing in common, the freedom to pursue their dreams.  The Centrist Party gives a foundation to mainstream America for a political party that makes sense. Solutions can be more easily achieved when not convoluted by partisan bickering and single minded agendas. The best way to achieve this is to give mainstream America a voice in the political system; a true Centrist Party.

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