These pictures came from the negatives from the camera of Jennie Hume Crawford

which were left to Woodrow Crawford at the time of her death. These were then

passed on to Albert Crawford when he got a darkroom. They were scanned by

Albert Crawford in 1998 and 1999.

1. 8MileCreekFlood

According to Woodrow Crawford this is Bonnie Crawford. However,

Bonnie claims it is not as he never wore suspenders.

2. JacksonCrawford

Jackson Harry Crawford

3. EdCrawford

Edward Crawford, the oldest of Jack Crawford's children, on a

horse drawn wagon.

4. Tractor1928

Robert (left) and Herbert (right) Crawford on Howard Dennis's Advanced

Rumley oil pull tractor which was used to operate a threshing machine.

Taken about 1928.

5. TheGirls

Mary and Margaret Crawford on the ends with three cousins in between.

6. RachelHume&Babies

Mrs. Rachel Hume holding two of her great-grandchildren.

The baby on the right is Mary Ann, Bonnie and Helen Crawford's girl.

The baby on the left is Francis Newby, Freda & Clyde Newby's girl.

Taken in 1928. Identified by Helen Crawford in about 1982.

7. JennieCrawford

Jennie Crawford and her Plymouth Rock chickens

8. JacksonCrawford2

Jack Crawford in front of the "home place"

9. WoodrowCornfield

Woodrow Crawford in corn field.

10. Horseback

From front to back: Cleda, Robert, Herb, and Nellie Crawford

11. SevenSons

The sons of Jack and Jennie Crawford

Back row, left to right: Jay, Woodrow, Bonnie, and Edward

Front row, left to right: Mike, Herb, and Robert

12. FourSisters

The daughters of Jack and Jennie Crawford

Left to Right: Nellie, Margaret, Mary and Cleda

13. Jennie&Rachel

Jennie Hume Crawford and her mother Rachel Hume

14. Jennie&Rachel2

Jennie Hume Crawford and her mother Rachel Hume with dog

15. JennieCrawford2

Jennie Crawford in Colorado

16. JacksonCrawford3

Jack Crawford in Colorado

17. Jennie&Jack

Jackson and Jennie Crawford

18. PeelingApples

Margaret and her mother Jennie Crawford peeling apples.

19. Rifleman

Woodrow Crawford as a boy, with a rifle.

20. Woodrow&Jay

Woodrow (left) and Jay (right) Crawford as kids.

21. RobertCrawford

Robert Crawford as a child

22. Jennie&Herb

Jennie Crawford holding her son, Herb.

23. AuntLine

Left to right: Mary, Margaret, Cleda, Aunt "Line", Mike

24. BonnieHelen

Bonnie and Helen Crawford

25. CledaMargaret

Cleda (left) and Margaret (right) Crawford

26. MaryMargaret

Mary (left) and Margaret (right) Crawford

27. Nellie

Nellie Crawford

28. RachelLineKids

Needs to be further identified. In back: Aunt Line (Angeline) Daum wiping Margaret's forehead,

Herb (baby), Mike (Ned Alvin) in front, Woodrow, Jay, Rachel Hume (Grandma),

Cleda, Mary, Robert. Aunt Line and Rachel Hume are sisters.

29. WoodrowCrawfordWithChicken

Woodrow Crawford on his home place.

30. WoodrowWithHorses

Woodrow Crawford holding two horses whose names are Dan and Jigs. Edward is behind the tree.

31. WaterWagon

The California Springs water wagon. The farm included at a separate location

a plot of land with a constantly running spring on it. Wagons on the

Oregon Trail stopped there for water before taking out further west. Water

from the springs was taken to Ottawa and sold as drinking water. Mike is

sitting in the truck and Bonnie is standing.

32. MargaretMaryHerbCleda

Left to right: Cleda?, Margaret, Mary and Herb.

33. BonnieChoppingWood

Bonnie Crawford at the wood pile.

34. SpringHouse

The spring house at the California Springs Place

35. CledaCrawford

Cleda Crawford

36. FarmWagon

Kids playing in farm wagon.

37. RachelHume&Grandaughters

left to right: Freda Newby (Hume), Grace Finch (Hume), Margaret Crawford,

Jennie Myers (Hume), Helen Lindsey Crawford, Grandmother Rachel Hume,

Julia Bennett (Hume), Margaret Crawford, Nellie Crawford,

Florence Ferguson, Cleda Crawford.

38. FamilyReunion

Family Reunion at the Old Hume Place north of Ottawa

39. BonnieHelen&Others

Bonnie & Helen Crawford is the couple on the right.


left to right: Mike, Cleda, Herb (in front), Nellie, Robert (in front),

Bonnie, Bonnie's daughter Mary Ann, Helen, Jennie Crawford holding

Bonnie's daughter Juanita, Margaret.

41. HomePlace

Two people at the Jack Crawford home place.

42. RobertCrawford2

Robert Crawford

43. BonnieHelen2

Bonnie & Helen Crawford with daughter Mary Ann

44. EdCrawford2

Edward Crawford

45. RachelCrawford&Grandchildren

Left to right, standing in back. Fred or Charles Ferguson, Mary Anne

Crawford (Bonnie & Helen's girl), Mabel Finch (daughter of Grace

Ferguson), Florence Ferguson (daughter of Flossie), Lois Myers

(daughter of Jennie & Oscar). Sitting: Rachel Hume holding unknown

baby. The child standing beside Grandma Hume is unknown. Also the

two children on the blanket are unknown. These identifications were

given by Helen Crawford on July 18, 1982.

46. BonnieCrawford

Bonnie Webster Crawford

47. JacksonCrawford&Daughters

Jackson and his four daughters. From left to right they are

Mary, Margaret, Nellie, and Cleda.

48. TheFamily

The children of Jennie & Jack Crawford. Back row, left to right: Margaret, Mary,

Helen (wife of Bonnie), Jay, Woodrow, Bonnie, Edward, and Nellie.

Front row, left to right: Cleda, Mike, Herb, and Robert.

49. Woodpile

Wood was cut and piled for winter fuel. Sitting beside the woodpile is

Woodrow Crawford. Standing on top of the pile may be his brothers

Mike and Herb.

50. ThreeChildren

Three children. Probably Cleda, Robert, and Mike.

51. MaryAnnCrawford

Bonnie and Helen Crawford's older daughter, Mary Anne.

52. MargaretCrawford

Margaret Crawford

53. CledaCrawford2

Cleda Crawford with her collie dog.

54. Baby

Robert Crawford.

55. HerbCrawford

Herb Crawford with kittens.

56. Nellie Crawford

Nellie Crawford

57. CrawfordChildren

Left to right: Jay, Mary, Mike, Nellie, and Woodrow?

58. Woodrow&Mother

Woodrow Crawford and his mother Jennie Crawford

59. JackCrawfordFamily

The Jack Crawford family. From left to right: Woodrow, Edward, in back ?,

Nellie, Robert in front, behind Robert ?, in middle ?, Bonnie, Helen,

Cleda in front, ? on left.

60. Children&Kitten

Two children with kittens.

61. FamilyReunion2

A second photo of a family reunion at the Old Hume Place north of Ottawa

62. ModelAFord

Cleda, Robert, and Nellie on Edward Crawford's 1931 Model A Ford.

63. HumeSiblings

Left to right: Flossie Ferguson, Jay Hume, Rachel Hume (their mother),

Ernest Hume, and Jennie Crawford.

64. FamilyReunion3

A third photo of a family reunion at the Old Hume Place north of Ottawa

65. FourYoungest

Left to right: Mike, Robert, Herb, and Cleda.

66. Croquet

Bonnie, Helen, and Mary in a game of Croquet

67. Sisters

Left to right: Margaret, Nellie, Helen (Bonnie's wife), Cleda, and Mary

68. CledaCrawford3

Cleda Crawford as a girl.

69. EdMaryCousin

Ed Crawford with sister Mary Crawford (on the right) and a cousin.

70. JennyCrawford&Grandchild

Jenny Crawford holding one of her grandchildren.

71. NellieMary&Others

Left to right: Herb?, Nellie, Mary Ann (Bonnie's girl), and Mary

72. BackYard

Jack Crawford (in center back with white shirt and tie) and others

enjoying a back yard visit.

73. ThreeBoys

Three young boys

74. NellieMaryAnn

Nellie Crawford with her neice Mary Ann (Bonnie's daughter)

75. Cats

Crawford boy with cats.

76. SixBoys

Six boys, the crawford brothers and cousins probably.

Probably Robert in the front, middle. Mike to the

left in the back row and Herb to the left in the

front row.

77. ModelAFord2

Nellie and others on Edward Crawford's 1931 Model A Ford.

78. KidsOnCar

Two boys on a car in front of Jack Crawford home place.

79. MaryCrawford

Someone, probably Mary Crawford

80. JayWoodrowMike

LeftToRight: Jay Crawford, Woodrow Crawford, and Mike Crawford

81. WoodrowMaryChild

LeftToRight: Woodrow Crawford, Mary? Crawford, and a child.

82. FamilyGetToGather

Family members at home place

83. JennieCrawford&Children

JennieCrawford and three of her children. Girl is Cleda.

84. SundayBest

Mary, Margaret and others. some cousins.

85. Friends

Margaret on left, Helen on right, friend in the middle.

86. GirlCousins

Margaret (third from the left) and Mary (fifth from the left)

with some of their cousins.

87. CrawfordChildren2

Some of the Crawford clan. Left to right: unknown,

Mary?, unknown, unknown, Woodrow?, and Jay?

88. Margaret

Margaret Crawford

89. Nellie2

Nellie Crawford