Earliest Times with the Crawfords

The last photo taken of all eleven of the Crawfords

Jennie Crawford and all 11 of her children. This is the last time that all 11 of her children were together except for her funeral, at which time there were no photo taken of all of them. Her sons, back row, left to right: Edward, Bonnie, Woodrow, Jay, Mike, Robert, and Herb. Her daughters, standing, Left to right: Mary, Margaret, Nellie, and Cleda. Sitting is Jennie Crawford. Taken at the John and Nellie Howell home probably in July, 1946.

Jennie Crawford and her four sonsJennie Crawford and her four daughters

These two pictures are of Jennie Crawford and her children. They were taken the same day as above. The picture of the sons have Jennie, Edward, Bonnie, Woodrow, Jay, Mike, Robert and Herb. In the daughters photo are Cleda, Nellie, Jennie, Margaret, and Mary.

Edward Hume farm, about 1895

Tintype of Edward Hume farm. Left to right: Grandma Hume, Grandpa Hume, Jennie, Flossie, Ernest, Aunt Line, Uncle Jay, Oscar Deaton, and Horace Buckles. The last two are hired hands. (Copied Al Crawford in 1979 from the original tintype owned by Jay Crawford. Scanned in May of 1999). Photo is reversed as in all tintypes. Taken about 1895.

Hume farmHume Farm

These two photos are from tintypes of the Hume farm presumably taken the same day as the one above. The original of the photo on the right was owned by Herb Crawford.

The baby Jennie Hume

Jennie Hume as a small child

Tintype of Jennie Hume

From a tintype of Jennie Hume

Jennie Hume in a swing

Jennie Hume in a swing

Jennie and Flossie Hume

Jennie and Flossie Hume

Crawford family at the Jack Crawford home place.

Left to right: Woodrow Crawford, Gardiner Hayden, Herb Crawford, Cleda Crawford Hayden, Jay Crawford, Nellie Crawford, and Perry Wheeler.

Jennie Crawford with her three oldest kids.

From left to right: Edward, Mary, Bonnie with their mother Jennie Hume Crawford on their home place. Taken about 1909.

Jack and Jennie Crawford with Herb on the porch.

Jack and Jenny Crawford with Herb on the porch