And in Conclusion

I worked a small bit of time for Bittsí Greenhouse, but the greater part of time I was a homemaker. I enjoyed canning, working in the garden and liked to quilt, embroidery and appliqué. I also enjoyed reading and I especially enjoyed the Bible. I took a four-year Menninger Bible study course under Elva Ward Browning, took and lead several Stonecraft study courses and went through the Navigator course which is a daily walk takes one through Woodrow & Leona Crawford at their 40th Wedding Aniversary party at Richter Methodist Churchthe Bible in one year. I taught Sunday school classes and vacation Bible school courses at Richter United Methodist Church through the years. The past several years I've taught adult classes. I enjoyed the years I went to Baldwin to conference, but even more when I went to the School of Missions (also at Baldwin) to study various books that gave us a view of our mission plan of the Methodist church. Over the years I have been an active member of the U.M.W. (United Methodist Women) which used to be W.S.C.S. (Womenís Society of Christian Service). When we moved to Ottawa five years ago (1991), Woodrow and I decided that we would continue to be members of our little rural church rather than retiring to a church in Ottawa. I have also been a member of Richter Ladies quilt group, but last Spring I gave up quilting. My eyes are bad. My vision is poor from macular degeneration. (The others of our group are having health problems, too, so I'm wondering how long the quilt group can continue). I started my story two or three years ago, but left it half finishedónow I realize I must finish it while I can see to write.

Iím grateful that I have had a good life here on this earth. Woodrow and I raised three children who have lived lives that have been productive. We have seven grandchildren who are doing well and the joy of a great-grandchild (Timís Elizabeth) who will be two in December. Albertís second wife, Charlotte, brought two step-grandchildren and two step-great grandchildren. We, Woodrow and I, are in good enough health that we hope to enjoy several more years here, but if we leave this earth, we both know that we are assured a home in heaven.

Some of my favorite poems and sayings are the poem "Footprints", the "Serenity Prayer" and that little piece of poetry from a "Psalm of Life" by Longfellow:

Life is Real! Life is Ernest!
And the grave is not the goal,
Dust thou art, to dust returneth,
Was not spoken of the soul.
The whole poem is just as significant as these four lines.

Yes, I love poetry. I like good prose and even light books if they show the goodness and the rewards of a good life. In light reading I particularly like Janet Oke, Essie Summers books about New Zealand, Lucy Walkerís books of the old Australian Outback and Betty Neills books about England and the Netherlands. I like Emily Loring books, too.

It is good to see our grandchildren grow up and pursue various careers and have hobbies and recreations that differ one from another. We enjoy every one of them and follow their accomplishments.

My prayer for each of my grandchildren, as well as my children, is that God will Bless them and keep them in his care and that they will always seek His guidance and seek His will for their lives.

Itís not what we give
But what we share.
The gift without the giver is bare.
Who gives of himself, with love, feeds three:
Himself, his hungering neighbor and ME.
From the Vision of Sir Launfal Lowell.
This I leave with you to think about.


  1. Woodrow & Leona Crawford at their 40th Wedding aniversary party at Richter Methodist Church.