The Kids

Woodrow Crawford as a Kid on his home place
Woodrow Crawford on Jack Crawford home place

The horse
From front to back:  Cleda, Robert, Herb, and Nellie Crawford

The girls

Mary and Margaret Crawford on the ends with the three Thomas girls, who were neighbors, in between. They are Evelyn in front, and Vera and Beulah in back.

Cleda and Margaret
Cleda and Margaret Crawford

Mary and Margaret
Mary and Margaret Crawford

Nellie Crawford
Nellie Crawford

Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford

Cleda Crawford
Cleda Crawford and her dog


Robert as baby
Robert as a baby

Herb and kittens
Herb and kittens

The four youngest Crawford children
Mike, Robert, Herb, and Cleda

1931 Model A Ford
Cleda, Robert, and Nellie on Edward Crawford's 1931 Model A Ford.