On the Farm

Spring house
Spring house at the California Springs place.

Edward Crawford in farm wagon
Edward Crawford, the oldest of Jack Crawford's children, on a horse drawn wagon.

California Springs Water Truck

The California Springs water wagon.  The farm included at a separate location a plot of land with a constantly running spring on it.  Wagons on the Oregon Trail stopped there for water before taking out further west.  Water from the springs was taken to Ottawa and sold as drinking water.  Mike is sitting in the truck and Bonnie is standing.

Peeling apples

Margaret and her mother Jennie Crawford peeling apples.


Tractor for pulling a threshing machine

Robert (left) and Herbert (right) Crawford on Howard Dennis's Advanced Rumley oil pull tractor which was used to operate a threshing machine.  Taken about 1928.

Woodrow in a cornfield
Woodrow Crawford in corn field.

Woodrow Crawford with horses
Woodrow Crawford holding two horses whose names are Dan and Jigs.  Edward is behind the tree.

Flood on Eight Mile Creek

According to Woodrow Crawford this is Bonnie Crawford.  However,  Bonnie claims it is not as he never wore suspenders.

Bonnie and Mary at the Jack Crawford home place

Fun on a wagon
Herb, Mary and, Margaret