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Tails of the South Pacific -- October & November 2016

Tails of the South Pacific -- link: --In October and November Charlotte and I took a 48 day cruise from San Diego to Hawaii then on to Fanning Island, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, the Cook Islands, then on to French Polynisia including Bora and Tahiti.  Then we went back to San Diego.  

Africa -- July 2016

July 2016 Masai Mara -- link:  -- Our group leader was Salomon Sanoe.  We failed to see any leopards or rhinos but we did see very large herds of wildebeests and zebras as well as many other animals.  It was the beginning of the dry season and the grasses were still very high and the animals were in very good shape.  

July 2016 Tanzania -- link: -- Our group leader was Cosmas and our two other drivers were Hansi and Rich.  This set of photos include Arusha, the trip to the Serengeti, the Serengeti, and the trip back to Arusha through Ngorengoro. The highlights for me included the big cats and we also saw lots of birds.  Also included are photos from Brugge, Belgium, where we stayed for 5 nights on the way home.  

July 2016 People in Africa -- link: -- This group includes both the people in our tour group as well as people of Africa that we visited.  

Africa -- September & October 2014

The following are links to photos that I took in Africa in September and October of 2014.  That was the end of the dry season and just starting the rainy season.  The grasses were very short.

September 2014 Masai Mara -- link: -- Our group leader was David Senchure.  After we reached the Masai Mara we saw all of the "big five" up close and personal within the first 24 hours.  (The big five:  Lions, Elephants, Buffalo, Leopards, and Rhinos).   The September visit found more of a variety of animals than in July but the herds were not as large.  The migration had already begun back across the Mara River.

October 2014 Kenya -- link:  -- Our group leader for the main tour was David Kiprono.  In Kenya we visited Lake Nakuru National park where we saw a herd of 30 or 40 Rothschild's giraffe as well as 8 or 9 white rhinos.  We then went on to Amboseli National Park where we were able ot observe large herds of elephants (60 or more) and were able to see a gerenuk (a giraffe gazelle.)  The 2016 trip was 4 days shorter and did not visit either of these National Parks.

October 2014 Tanzania -- link:  -- After we entered Tanzania we visited Tanrangire, and Lake Manyana National Parks, the town of Karatu, and then on to Ngorangoro Crater.  

October 2014 Serengeti -- link:  -- The Serengeti in July is different than in October.  One difference was that in July the park managers were busy with prescribed burns of the grasslands.  This is to promote the growth of the grasses, keep down shrubs, and in general allow for a greater density of animals.  Another difference was that the water holes had much more water in October.  This especally enhanced the viewing at the hippo pool which was fresh and clean in October but crowed and polluted in July.  But both times were great fun.

October 2014 People in Africa -- link:  -- This group includes both the people in our tour group as well as people of Africa that we visited.